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Cheese and meat packaging products suitable for food contact


Vacum bags

Bag for vacuum sealers in order to preserve food.

 Coextruded and laminatedare a good barriere toward oxigen and dangerous gas.

Possibility to be printed with logo or other informations

Three thickness: 95, 140, 200 my


    Paper sheets

Also coextruded with PE HD

19 x 25, 25 x 37, 37 x 50, 50 x 75


   Thermal shrink bags

Are the perfect packaging medium for many perishable food products, such as sub primal meat, smoked and processed meats, poultry, fish and cheese.


  Fruit and vegetables

 Different solution in order to properly    package fruit and vegetables

Tubular net for meat products

  Plastic net

 Cotton net


 Plastic strings

 Cotton strings

 Elastic strings 


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