Who we are

Company presentation

We sell packaging material and device in the North East of Italy and abroad  particularly in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Croazia.

We present a wide range of products. This make us able to satictsfact the different customer needs.

Our tecnical back ground gives us the possibility to solve the costumer problems.

Experience, products knowledge, service,quick supply, ore our caracteristics.

Products kinds

We sell all the most important packaging products. From films to adesive tape, from labels to marking products, from cartoon boxes to strappings.

All the material are produced by leader italian companies and are warranted in their quality.

How connect us

De Toffol imballaggi s.a.s.

di Franco e Luca De Toffol e C.

Via del Garda, 44

I-38068 Rovereto (TN) ITALY

  Tel +39 0464 434724

  fax +39 0464 432745

E mail

  e-mail: info@detoffol-imballaggi.it


De Toffol Imballaggi sas - P.IVA 01886480225  -  Rovereto (TN)
CCIAA Tn REA N° 184877 - tel. 0464 434724 - fax 0464 434724